Cleveland CBX Zipcore TS 56-12 wedge Heren rechts

Cleveland CBX Zipcore TS 56-112 ST wedge Heren rechts
Dynamic Golf Spinner shaft




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Cleveland CBX Zipcore TS 56-112 ST wedge Heren rechts
Dynamic Golf Spinner shaft


Cleveland CBX Zipcore Golf Wedge
We’ve all been in that situation whereby after a great drive only a short pitch to the flag is left, and the chance of a birdie looms large only to see excitement turn to disaster after duffing the pitch a few short feet in front of us. When this happens more than once it is not unusual for the next one to be thinned badly over the green and can cause apprehension whenever faced with this type of shot in the future. Fortunately the lovely people at Cleveland Golf have designed the CBX Zipcore wedge to offer the greatest amount of forgiveness without sacrificing anything in the way of performance. With a tagline of ‘Forgiveness Is A Virtue’ this excellent new entry could transform your wedge game and dramatically lower your scores.
Featuring a hollow cavity design the CBX Zipcore wedge has a weight in the tow with a hollow chamber near to the heel which makes this a wonderfully balanced wedge that offers a superb level of forgiveness regardless of where on the face the ball is struck. Cleveland’s tried and tested Zipcore technology has been applied to the CBX range for the first time and this low-density core sits at the heart of the wedge, reducing vibrations and perfecting the centre of gravity. It also helps to boost the M.O.I. which improves forgiveness still further.
The Cleveland CBX Zipcore wedge benefits from UltiZip Grooves which are sharper, deeper and closer together which makes them far more efficient at channelling debris and maximising spin. Two extra grooves have also been added per face for more groove contact on every shot.
Turf interaction has been elevated to new levels with the dynamic sole found on the CBX Zipcore Wedge. There are three different dynamic soles (V-Shaped, C-Shaped & S-Shaped) which change as the loft of the wedge changes to offer the ideal turf interaction for the type of shot usually played with that loft.

  • Zipcore Technology
  • Hollow Cavity Design
  • UltiZip Grooves
  • Dynamic Sole
  • Ultra Forgiving
  • Superb Trajectory & Spin Control